The Ins and Outs of The Roofing Contracting Free Roofing Estimates 757-553-5191 AQUASHIELD ROOFING Free Estimates 757-553-5191 Aquashield Roofing Norfolk, VA - Chesapeake, VA - Virginia Beach, VA - Portsmouth, VA - Suffolk, VA - Hampton Roads Virginia Lurking in some dark hidden corner of your home there maybe a moisture intrusion that stems from your current existing roofing system. Many homeowners all over the United States have experienced this unexpected surprise. Sometimes there is black and white mold associated with roof leaks that have been going on for years. In many of these cases the homeowners were unaware of the ongoing roof leaks and are victims that experienced the wrath of Mother Nature. Homeowners must have a knowledgeable roofing contractor that knows his way around the roof leak moisture intrusion analysis field. Getting a cheaper roofing contractor is never a good Idea. There are even many large roofing companies that provide very limited warranties on roof leak repairs. The truth is sometimes your just taking a gamble. Many people fall for the silver tongue talkers that may or may not be reputable. Every homeowner needs to have a reputable roofing contractor that they can trust on hand. Every roof should be inspected before problems occur. Inspections are needed on all roofs now and again. When you need a quality roofing contractor for your roofing job contact Aquashield Roofing. Aquashield Roofing Corporation 4006 Morris Ct, Chesapeake, VA 23323 757-553-5191 Our Website: https://aquashieldroof.com The best roofer in the Hampton Roads area, Jeff Childers, operates Aquashield Roofing Corporation, the best and most trusted roofing company in the Tidewater area. Aquashield Roofing Corporation provides free estimates on roofing services. The roofers behind Aquashield Roofing Corporation are skilled with installing new roofs on both residential and commercial properties. Aquashield Roofing Corporation is the most skilled roofing contractor in the Hampton Roads region. Our roofing company provides commercial and residential roofing solutions across the seven cities. Some of our roofing service areas included are: Virginia Beach, Virginia, Chesapeake, Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia, Portsmouth, Virginia, Suffolk, Virginia, Newport News, Virginia, Hampton, Virginia. Call Aquashield Roofing Corporation now for a free roofing estimate at 757-553-5191. Roofing Contractor, Roofing Services, Roofing Repair, Roof Leak Repairs, Roofing Company, New Roof, Roof Replacement, Roofing Company, Roofing Companies, Free Roof Repair Estimate, shingle repairs, shingle roofer, Flat Roofer, Commercial Roofing, Residential Roofing, Asphalt Shingle Roofing, Honest Roofer, Troy J. Childers, Troy Jeffrey Childers, Jeff Childers Master Roofer, Troy Childers, Aquashield Roofing Corporation.
CAN AN HONEST ROOFER REALLY BE SUCCESSFUL IN TODAY'S WORLD? While a subject like this may seem uncanny in a way for some there is truth to the fact that an honest roofer has a much more difficult time with business success. There are two types of roofing contractors. There are contractors who spend an average time of ten to fifteen minutes on a roof estimate. These types of roofing contractors usually are the most honest and they give an honest price with a goal of paying their bills and making a good living. They usually do not use any high-pressure sales tactics and they are not out to get rich. The bad thing about this is that when things get bad with the housing market or the economy slows down they struggle and sometimes go out of business. Most of the time an honest roofer has true skills and real hands-on roofing knowledge that has developed over time from years of experience. Many of the smaller guys will do everything themselves like estimates, repairs and even write their own contracts. The other type of roofing contractor are ones that mix car sales with roofing sales and use high-pressure sales tactics. They also charge outrageous prices and many times use financing companies to set up financing because their prices are so high that there is no way for a customer to make an immediate payment for the job. Most of the salesman from these types of companies have very little roofing knowledge and many of them have never actually even step foot on a roof. These roof salesmen are taught to spend hours with a homeowner in order to wear them down. In some cases, homeowners are ready to call the police in order to get them removed from the property. They will sit their butt on the couch for four hours using every engineered sales trick in the book. Usually, these types of companies are more interested in how much they can profit versus the concerns and welfare of the customer. While it is true that these types of businesses are very profitable and when times get bad with the economy they can just make a few budget cuts and still survive with minimal effort but an honest roofer may ask the question "How do they sleep at night?". I know some of these types of companies that are in the news each year for giving some of their employees million dollar Christmas bonuses. The facts boil down to this in my opinion; people work hard for their money and a roof should not cost thousands of dollars above the average industry market price. By talking people into contracts that take them many years to pay off while using engineered high-pressure sales tactics separates you from what is known as an honest roofer. These roofing companies do not often ever struggle financially because of such large profit amounts from each job they sale. It is much more difficult for an honest roofer to succeed but they can sleep much...